How to Level the Bed

[Manual E2 – How to Level the Bed – V1.0]


① 2.5 mm hex wrench


1.Power on the machine, then select the "Setting" icon.


2.Select "Maintenance". Select "Make X-Axis Level Up" to level up the X-axis and it will touch the top beam until horizontal.

Note: The grinding sound produced during this process is normal. Do not be alarmed.


3.Go back to the "Home" page. Make sure the heatbed is clean.

Select the "Utility" icon, then select "Leveling"→"Simple Mode" to start 9-point automatic leveling.

After the 9 grid interface automatically closes, the leveling is finished.

If the "flatness" is 0.25 or below, the auto bed leveling has finished. If not, continue to Step 4.


4.If the "flatness" value is more than 0.25, select "Done" to return to "Move Axis" and select the "Disable Motor" icon to disable the motor.


5.Select "Leveling" and return to the report of the auto-leveling. Select "2D" mode to view the report.


6.Take out the printing surface temporarily.

7. According to the 2D report on the screen. Yellow area means the corresponding area on the printing plate base is above the horizon,

and the blue means it is lower than the horizon. Select on the corresponding area and the error value will be displayed on the top left corner of the screen.

Take the following pictures as an example, the left area is blue, so we should operate the two screws on the left part of the printing plate base. 


8.Use a 2.5 mm hex wrench. Counterclockwise screw the two screws to rise the printing plate base to horizon.

(clockwise screw the screw will lower the printing plate base) Place the printing surface back onto the printing plate base after screwing.

Note: The wrench rotates a full circle, and the height will change by 0.5 mm.


9.Than repeat step 1 to 5, If the flatness is still above 0.25, repeat steps 6-8 until the auto–leveling report shows that the printer is ready to use.

Note: We recommend setting the "flatness" to 0.25 or below for printing complex models.


- END -

[Manual E2 – How to Level the Bed – V1.0]