How to Remove the Jam

Required Tools:

① 2mm hex wrench

② Philips Screwdriver

③ Pliers

④ Cleaning rod

⑤Heat resistant gloves


1.Go to the “Utilities” tab, select “Filament Loader”, and select “Unload” for the appropriate side. This tutorial uses the right nozzle in this example. When the nozzle reaches the set temperature, select “Unload”.


2.Power off the printer after the unloading is complete. Use a Phillips screwdriver to carefully remove the screw securing the filament tensioning arm.

Note: There is a compressed spring under the screw, please keep it safe.


3.Insert the cleaning rod (found in the accessories kit box) into the feeding entrance to detect area of blockage. If you cannot push the filament out through the nozzle, please continue reading this guide.

4.Remove the 2 screws on the printhead cover with a 2mm hex wrench.  


5.Remove the front fan with a 2mm hex wrench.


6.Remove the three indicated screws with a 2mm hex wrench, then carefully remove the metal cover.

Note: There is double-sided tape on the back of the cover, which is bonded to the fan cover, please remove it carefully.

7.Carefully remove the big gear.

Note: Do not lose the bearing when handling the big gear. If there is any filament melted here, it may be more difficult to remove the big gear.


8.After removing the big gear, check if any filament has accumulated in this area. If so, please use the tweezers to remove it. If not, or if the filament isn’t melted, it may be stuck in the hot end, please continue to step 9.

9.Carefully loosen the screw securing the hot end using a 2mm hex wrench. Secure the hot end with a pair of pliers, and carefully pull it down to remove. Check if any filament is melted in the hot end.

 Note: The hot end is extremely hot now, be careful to avoid burns from skin contact. It is advisable to wear the heat resistant gloves for your safety. The gloves are found in the accessories kit box.


10.If filament is stuck in the hot end, as shown in the following figure, and cannot be pulled out by hand, continue to step 11.

Note: Please do not unscrew the throat tube directly, otherwise it may cause damage to the throat tube or lead to filament leakage during printing.

11.Heat up the right nozzle to a temperature that is relatively cooler than the jammed filament's melting temperature.

For example: set to 220℃ if the filament would normally print at 250 ℃.

Please wait for the hot end to reach the set temperature.


12.Firmly secure the heated hot end with needle nose pliers and carefully pull the filament out. Insert the cleaning rod in through the top of the hot end to thoroughly purge the hot end.


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