How to Replace the Extruder

[ Manual E2 – How to Replace the Extruder – V1.0 ]


①3 mm hex wrench

②2 mm hex wrench

1.Power off the printer.

2.Move the extruder manually to a convenient position.

* We took the left extruder as an example.


3.Release the buckle securing the ribbon cable.

4.Compress the latch on the ribbon cable and unplug it from the extruder controller board.

5.Remove the two securing screws on the extruder with a 3 mm hex wrench.

6.Remove the extruder.

(Note: The right extruder requires the same steps.)


7.Prepare a new extruder and install it on the guide rail. Tighten the screws with a 3 mm hex wrench.

(Note: Please hold the extruder by hand to avoid displacement when operating this step.)


8.Insert the extruder connection cable.

(Note: Pease be careful not to remove the zip tie on the harness tube.)


9.Fasten the belt buckle.


10.After installing the extruder, click the gear icon to enter the setting interface and run the "five step guide" before printing.

11.Select “Maintenance”.


12. Select ”Offset Calibration”.


13. Press ”Start”.


14. Wait until the printer runs the calibration and click “Next”.

[ Manual E2 – How to Replace the Extruder – V1.0 ]


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