What preparations are needed before printing with the PA12 CF and PA12 CF support filament?A:

A: For successful printing, a few preparations are suggested as follows:

First, due to water absorption characteristics, PA12 CF and PA12 CF support filament will absorb moisture when exposed to the air. It is critical to dry filaments before printing. One method of drying filaments is to dry them in the oven at 80℃ for at least 6 hours. For filaments stored in a dry environment, an experienced user can dry filaments according to the actual filament condition.

Secondly, during printing, filaments should be set in a Raise3D Dry Box to prevent exposure to the air.

Thirdly, before feeding filament, straighten the end of filament as much as possible, in order to feed filament through the run-out sensor smoothly.

Last but not least, before printing begins, spread Magigoo PA glue over the build surface for additional adhesion. If the glue has been previously applied, the user can decide whether or not to apply the glue again based on the remaining adhesion on the surface.