N1 - Third Party PLA Tuning

[ Manual N Series - Third Party PLA Tuning - V1.0 ]

The cold-end cooling connects to the printing result of PLA on all metal hotend. So choosing right temperature and cooling setting is important. Currently, the Raise3D PLA is special tuned reasult. So printing start with default settings would be great. But if you are tending to use third party PLA. You need to following the instructions below:

  • Important Update: We found certain PLA material that has soft surface, so it's easy to be scratched by the extruder gear. Lower the extruder motor current can gradully improve this part.Turn the extruder a4988 driver board reference voltage to 0.8 volt(motor peak current 1A, original 1.14 volt peak current 1.43A).


1. Diameter Control

The diameter of Raise3D filament is very restrict. It is controlled below 1.85mm. So the PTFE tube we are using has the diameter control in 2.00mm +-0.05mm. We have seen certain case report that the filament stuck in the PTFE tube. So that connects to the diameter of the filament you're using and how it inflate in the tube. So if you met this kind of situation. You can use a 2.1mm drill to expand the PTFE tube.

Secondly, the acrylic cover and extruder body diameter is also designed following the same tolerance. So loose the three thumb screws is also very important.

 Also, measure the average diameter of your filament and type them into ideaMaker before slicing. 


2. Extrusion Rate

Default setting for Raise3D PLA has a extrusion rate of 94%, when start printing with other PLA or PLA-like polymer 90% is a good value to start. Under Edit-> Filament Settings->Flowrate compenstation.


3. Cold end cooling

This is the most important topic when using an all metal-hotend. This connects a lot with the PLA printing result. Pure PLA will become soft at around 60C. The soften temperature point really depends on the filament you're using. Raise3D PLA has a higher soften point than the average. So the cooling fan may be not enough for other PLAs.

  • If you only printing with PLA, but not any other filaments like ABS/PC that tends to warp under cold wind cooling, you can remove the fan duct to increase the cooling airflow.
  • Find a replace 12V model with larger airflow amount instead of current fan. Or trying to use a 35mm*35mm*15mm fan instead of current 35mm*35mm*10mm fan.
  • LOWER THE INFILL SPEED from 90mm/s to 60mm/s. That's very important.
  • DO NOT PUT THE TOP COVER ON when printing PLA.

[ Manual N Series - Third Party PLA Tuning - V1.0 ]


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