How to Adjust the PID Parameter

[ Manual N2&N2 Plus - How to Adjust the PID Parameter - V1.0 ]

1. Unload the filament. Please press “Pre-load” button first in case jamming the nozzle. And do not pull the filament during the unloading (refer to picture 1).

NOTE: Different filaments require different temperature. If melted filament was left on the surface of hot end, please clean it as well.

Picture 1: unload

2. Verify you are using the latest firmware version. If not, the most current version can be downloaded from the Raise3D website (refer to update screen firmware tutorial) : https://www.raise3d.com/pages/download (note picture2)- Once completed continue Step3

Picture 2:Setting—Machine—version

3. Install double top lid and fan bottom cover. Close all the doors. 

4. Press the “PID Autotune” button. (setting-more-setting-hardware-PID setting-PID Autotune-Auto Tuning, refer to picture 3)

Picture 3:PID Autotune

5. Choose nozzle and ensure tuning temperature, then press Start. (If you heat up the nozzle to 260 degrees, but only reaches 250 degrees then the tuning temperature should be changed to 260 degrees as shown in picture #4)

Picture 4: run the program

6. Press “Apply” button (refer to picture 5) The PID parameter will be inputted automatically. 

Picture 5: input PID parameter

[ Manual N2&N2 Plus - How to Adjust the PID Parameter - V1.0 ]