How to Install the Thermal-Protector

[ Manual N Series - How to Install the Thermal-Protector-V1.0 ]

1. Cut off the main power.

2. Open the cover of electronic box.

The electronic box is located at different positions on N1 and N2/N2 Plus.

  • For N2/N2 Plus: It is located at right back side of the printer. It is a black box with a flash sign on it. Remove the four fixing screws marked below to open the cover.

  • For N1: It is located in the bottom of the printer. Lay it down on the side and remove the bottom cover to find the electronic box.

3. Unplug the ribbon cable from motion board.

Figure 1: Before Unplugging

Figure 2: After Unplugging

4. Connect the ribbon board onto the thermal-protector. Make the ribbon cable head towards left.

Figure 3: Connect the ribbon cable onto the protector and ensure the direction is proper.

Figure 4: Make sure the fasteners are tightly fixed.

5. Install the protector onto the motion board.

Figure 5: Remove the screw marked in picture.

Figure 6: Fix the protector onto the motion with screw.

Figure 7: Fix the other end of the protector onto the marked position on motion board

Figure 8: After Installation.

6. Install the cover of the electronic box back.

[ Manual N Series - How to Install the Thermal-Protector-V1.0 ]