• Bed Leveling Calibration

[ Manual Pro2 Series - 016 Bed Leveling Calibration-V1.0 ]

1. From the ‘Utilities’ tab on the touchscreen, press X/Y Home icon to begin the homing process for the X and Y Axis. When the process completes, press the Z Home icon to complete the Z-axis homing. 

Once both homing procedures are completed, disable the motors by pressing the round icon in the top left of the screen.

2. Enable left nozzle

  • Open the ‘Home’ tab and set the temperature of the left and right nozzle to 180.

  • When the nozzles reaches temperature, open the ‘Utilities’ tab and select the left nozzle icon, then use the down arrow to enable the left nozzle.

3.  Disable the motors from the utility screen , move the extruder to the center of the bed. This should be done by moving the upper portion of the extruder manually, and taking special precautions to avoid touching the hot surfaces of the printer.

Measure the distance between the nozzle tip and the build surface with a 0.2mm feeler gauge.

When properly calibrated, the feeler gauge should have friction between the bed and the nozzle without requiring excessive force. If the current position does not fit this description, refer to Manual Pro2-100 Nozzle Height Calibration

4. Move the extruder to the four corners of the build plate, and check the distances with the feeler gauge. If the feeler gauge does not mimic the feel of the center position, determine if it is too far (loose) or too close (tight).

  • If the distance is too far, loosen the center nut underneath the specified corner by using a 5.5mm socket. Tighten the other two screws evenly until the nozzle and bed are both contacting the feeler gauge with proper resistance.
  • If the feeler gauge is too close or can’t be inserted, begin by loosening the 2 set screws, and then tighten the center nut until the proper resistance is achieved.

5. Press the Z-Home button. Once the homing is completed check the distance between the nozzle tip and build plate one final time.

If moving the gantry manually, you will need to disable the motors again after the homing process.

Confirm that all 4 corners and the center of the bed offer the correct amount of resistance as depicted in step 3.

If further adjustments are required, repeat the steps until the proper position is reached. 

[ Manual Pro2 Series - 016 Bed Leveling Calibration-V1.0 ]