How to Install the Endstop Limit Switch Board

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Install the Endstop Limit Switch Board - V1.0 ]

1. The Locations of Endstop Boards

2. Power Off

Power off the printer.

3. Remove the Z-Endstop Limit Switch Board

  • The steps of replacing Endstop Board are similar for different directions. We will use Z direction here as reference. 
  • Unplug the cable on Z-Endstop Board.

  • Remove the two fixing screws marked in image below and take the old Endstop Board off with casing.

4. Reinstall Z-Endstop Limit Switch Board

  • Fix new Z-Endstop Board to original position with two fixing screws removed before.

  • Plug the cable back onto the Board.

5. Bed positioning

  •  As replacing Endstop Board may affect Z home height, it is better to apply a height calibration before printing. For the other two directions, calibration is not a necessary step.
  • Raise the Z limit pin by rotating the bottom screw counter clockwise from a top down perspective.

  • Power on your unit.

  • Heat both hotends to 180c or to the temperature of loaded filament from the home screen.

  • Activate the left nozzle by selecting it in the utilities screen and pressing the up or down arrows

  • In the Utilities tab, select the Z-Axis Home button to move the bed into the origin position.

6. Extruder Positioning

  • Disable the motor with the ‘Disable Motor’ button. This will allow you to freely reposition the extruder by hand.
  • Move the extruder head along the rods into the center position.

When physically moving the extruder, avoid touching high-temperature components. Perform all motions via the upper section of the extruder head.

7. Left Nozzle Calibration

  • Use the feeler gauge (included in printer toolkit) and place it underneath the left nozzle.
  • To adjust the nozzle height, rotate the large thumbscrew as depicted in the diagram.

           DO NOT adjust the small side-mounted screw.

  • Home the Z-Axis, then verify the new height using the feeler gauge.
  • Homing is required each time the knob is adjusted.
  • Repeat until desired result is achieved.

Adjustments should be made incrementally. Changes in height will NOT be visible until after homing.

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Install the Endstop Limit Switch Board - V1.0 ]