How to Pack

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Pack - V1.0 ]


①    3mm hex wrench

②    Strapping Sealer

③    Packing Strapping

1. Set the temperature 5℃ higher than loaded filaments printing temperature and select the “Unload” button in “Utilities” page. Wait until the nozzle heats up to the set temperature.

2. Select the “Unload” button to unload the filament.

3. Wait until the filament is fully unloaded.

4.Pull out the guide tube and the filament.

(If you have filament loaded in the other nozzle, please do the similar steps.)

5. Reinstall the security clips.

Move the extruder to the back-left corner. Fix the X, Y, and crossing rods with the original security clips, alternating the direction of the clips above and below the rods. Each section will have 6 clips.

6. Secure the clips.

Secure the clips with zip ties.

7. Secure the extruder.

Connect 3 zip ties to increase the length. Wrap the extruder with the zip ties around the indicated bolts. The zip ties should go around under one bolt and then over the other bolt.

8. Load the accessory box.

Remove the filament holders and build plate thumbscrews, and place them into the brown accessory box along with other included small components (excluding shipping materials and power cable).

9. Package the build plate.

Remove the build plate and insert it into its foam sleeve. 

10. Load accessory kit.

Put the brown accessory box into its foam packaging, and put it underneath the z-axis bed. Place both filament boxes on top of the accessory box. Finally, put the build plate package above the filament boxes. 

11. Lower the bed.

In the "Utilities" tab, select the blue Z-axis down arrow to lower the z-axis plate to secure the package under the bed.

12. Secure Z-axis.

Insert the two screws for the Z-axis clamp through the label sheet and into the securing block.

13. Secure this block to its other half around the Z-axis threads. Place these clamps at the top of the threads on both sides. 

14. Power off the printer.

Turn the power switch off, unplug the power cord, and place the cable back into its labeled cable box.

15. Place the bottom foam.

Place the bottom foam into the cardboard base. Locate the two handhold notches and the power switch notch. Align the power switch with the indicated notch, and lower the printer into the base.

16. Place the lid foam.

Cover the 4 corners of the acrylic lid with the corner foams. Use the notched foam to secure the corner with the cable chain mount.

17. Cover the box.

Place the four corner posts into the cardboard base, and cover the assembly with the large packing box.

Note: The box is not square. For proper alignment, the serial number on the box should correspond to the serial number on the printer. 

18. Insert the top foam.

Put the power cable box back into the top foam, and place the top foam into the box. Use the 4 short corner posts to protect the edges around the top foam. Seal the box with tape.

19. If you are going to ship the printer with pallet. Please strap the printer together with the pallet.

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Pack - V1.0 ]