How to Replace the Filament Run-out Sensor Assembly

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(1)  2.5mm hex wrench

1. Remove any filament from both hotends. In the “Utilities” tab, verify that the temperature is correctly set for your filament. (The recommended temperature for Raise3D PLA is 215℃).


2. Adjust the temperature, using the up or down arrows, if it is required. Select the “Unload” button to unload the filament.


3. The machine will begin to heat up the nozzle to the target temperature. Once the temperature is reached, select the “Unload” button to unload the filament.

4. After filament has been successfully Unloaded from both hotends, allow both nozzles to cool to ambient room temperature. Turn off the printer at the rocker switch, located at the rear of the machine.

5. Carefully disconnect the Filament Run-out Sensor power cable, Nozzle Lifting Controller Board connection cable and Switching Motor connection cable.

Note: Some of these cables are tightly seated. It is important to firmly grasp the cable connector and securely hold the component the cable is being disconnected from, to avoid damaging the board.

Do not pull the cable by its wiring, which will likely damage the connection point.

6. Remove the assembly retaining screw, using a 2.5mm hex wrench.

7. Remove the filament run-out sensor from the printhead and replace it with a new sensor assembly. Ensure that the assembly is seated properly on the printhead, aligning the side retaining screw holes.

8. Reinstall the retaining screw, using the 2.5mm hex wrench, and plug in the three previously disconnected cables. Carefully note the orientation of the Switching Motor cable, exampled below.