How to Replace the Front Rod

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the Front Rod - V1.0 ]


① 2.5 mm hex wrench

② Philips screwdriver

1. Unload the filament.

1)     In the “Utilities” tab, verify that the temperature is the set as the recommended temperature for your filament. (For example, 215℃ for Raise3D PLA)


2)     Adjust the temperature if required. Press the “Unload” button to unload the filament.


3)     The printer will begin to heat up to the designated temperature. Once the temperature is reached the target temperature, select the “Unload” to unload the filament.


2. Power off the printer. 


3. Remove the 8 screws on top cover with the 2.5mm hex wrench. 


4. Remove the screws on the upper and lower edges of plastic covers with Philips screwdriver and disconnect the plug to filter fan at the same time.

5. Cut the ties which hold the harness at the lower side of top cover.


6. Lift the top cover up manually.

7. Loosen the retaining screws, limit position columns and pulleys with the 1.5mm and the 2.0mm hex wrench.


8. Pull the rod out from right side of printer. 


Note: Take special care of pulleys, limit position columns and bearings when you are taking the front rod out. Be sure to remove them in this order.

9. Carefully set aside the bearings and the pulleys. 


10. Insert the new rod back through the hole in the frame. 

11. Put the bearing, pulley and limit position collet back to the rod before it reaching the sliding block. 

Note: Attach the belt to the pulley while simultaneously putting the pulley back to the rod. 


12. Push the rod through the sliding block. Re-install the belt wheel, limit position column and the bearing. 


Note: Loop the belt around the pulley at the same time. 


13. Push the rod all the way in to the stop. 


14. Move each pulley to the end of the rods. 


15. Hold the pulleys in place and tighten the screws on the limit position collets. 


16. Hold the handle and move it left and right to confirm that the handle is firmly fixed in place.


17. If the rod remains firmly in place then the installation is completed. If movement is detected, loosen the screws on the limit position columns, and repeat steps 12 to 14.

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the Front Rod - V1.0 ]