How to Replace the Heating Rod Power Cable

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① 2.5mm wrench 

② 2mm wrench 

③ Philips head screwdriver

④ Flush cutters

⑤ Spatula

⑥ Zip ties

⑦ Flat head screwdriver

Cloth tape

1. Power the printer off and disconnect the power cord from the rear of the machine. Remove the lid from the machine, and carefully store it in a safe location.

2. Carefully open the cable chain clips. Use of the tip of a spatula or a flathead screwdriver can be helpful. 

3. Use a 2.5mm wrench to remove the mounting block of the cable chain from the top cover.

4. Use a 2mm wrench to remove the two cable chain retaining screws inside the mounting block.

5.Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove all 10 screws on the back panel. Carefully remove the wiring for the air filter fan and remove the back panel. Remove the four screws of the air filter fan and remove the component from the back panel.

6. Disconnect the 3-wire heating rod power connector from the Extruder Connection Board on the printhead.

7. Carefully remove the zip-ties, on the underside of the printer’s top cover, used to fasten the cable bundle as its routed through the printer. 


8. Remove the tape on the braided sleeve and remove the 3-wire heating rod power cable from the wiring bundle. 


9. Prepare a replacement 3-wire heating rod power cable, exampled below.

10. Feed the replacement 3-wire cable through the end of the cable chain and nest it within the braided cable, exampled below. Then, connect the cable into the Extruder Connection Board on the printhead. Use cloth tape and a zip-tie to bundle and secure the short length of exposed cables, beyond the end of the braided cable, to tidy the wiring splitting up at the Extruder Connection Board. 

11. After ensuring the 3-wire cable is properly nested within the braided sleeve, close the buckles on cable chain to retain the sleeved cables. 

12. Pass the other end of the replacement 3-wire cable into the hole beneath the mounting box’s position, and down into the wiring channel. Underneath the top cover, secure the cable bundle with zip-ties. Be sure to guide the 3-wire cable completely through the wiring channel.

Insert the 3-wire cable through the pass-through hole, located beneath the wiring channel.

Note: The 3-wire cable should enter and be passed through the braided sleeve.

13. Carefully lay the printer on its side, with the filament bay door facing upwards. 


14. Remove the cover of the electronics box, using the tip of the flathead screwdriver for leverage. Disconnect and completely remove the former 3-wire cable and plug in the replacement 3-wire cable, after pulling it out from the pass-through hole below the electronics box.

15. Reinstall the cover of the electronics box, upright the printer, and fasten the back panel and filter fan component onto the machine. Use a Philips-head screwdriver to fasten all 10 screws on the back panel.


16. Reinstall the cable chain mounting block, onto the top cover, using the 2.5mm hex wrench. Fasten the two screws of the cable chain, using the 2mm hex wrench.

17. Reconnect the power cord into the rear of the machine. The 3-wire heater rod power connection cable replacement is complete.