How to Replace the Hotend

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the Hotend - V1.0 ]

1. Lower the Build Plate

  • Lower the Z-Axis platform by using the onboard touchscreen. This menu can be found in the Utilities tab.
  • Lower the plate until you have enough clearance to comfortably maneuver tools within the area (5-12 mm)

2. Unload filaments

  • In the ‘Utilities’ tab, verify that the temperature is set for your material. (215℃ for Raise3D PLA)
  • Use the arrows to adjust the temperature if required. Press the ‘unload’ button to begin.
  • The printer will begin to heat up to the designated temperature. Once the temperature is reached the Unload button will become available.
  • Press Unload to withdraw the filament.

3. Cool down

  • Open the ‘Home’ tab, and click on the nozzle temperature. In the new window, set the temperature at 0, and press OK. Do this for both nozzles.
  • Allow the components to cool down completely before continuing.
  • When the extruders reach an ambient temperature, power off the printer.

4. Remove the two hex screws that secure the cooling fan with a 2.5mm hex wrench.

5. Loosen the 4 set screws with a 1.5mm hex wrench inside the heating block. This will release the hotend from the wiring, which will be removed in the next step.

  • Loosen the fixing screw to release the hotend from the machine.
  • Remove the heater rod and thermocouple wires from the heater block to fully remove the hotend.

6. Inspect Replacement HotEnd

  • To completely replace the hotend, verify that the new hotend is properly adjusted.
  • The bottom of the heat sink should lie flush with the bottom of the larger cylinder.

  • If the heat sink is improperly positioned refer to the Nozzle Replacement document for additional instructions.

7. Wiring

  • Insert the heater rod (Red Wire) into the bottom hole of the heater block. Insert it until it comes out the other end of the heat block,and secure into place with the two set screws.
  • Insert the silver thermocouple into the upper hole on the heater block.
  • Secure it in place with the two set screws.

8. Install hot end

Insert the hotend and push it all the way up into the extruder. The heat sink should contact the collar of the tube.

Secure it by tightening the fixing screw.

If replacing multiple hotends, repeat steps 4-8 with the second hotend before continuing to the alignment procedures.

 To confirm Z is offset be sure to read the Z offset guide on our website.

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the Hotend - V1.0 ]