How to Replace the Motion Controller Board

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① 2.5mm hex wrench

② Flathead screwdriver

③ Flush cutters

1. Power off the printer at the rocker switch located at the rear of the printer.

2. Open the filament-side door, where the spools are mounted, to access the Motion Controller Board’s rectangular housing box. Using your fingers, gently pull the cover out at the top left corner and insert the tip of a flathead screwdriver to assist with leveraging the cover off.

3. The Motion Controller Board is shown below.

4. It may be necessary to carefully remove the glue on the cable connectors and their respective terminals. The glue could prevent a successful disconnection and reconnection of the cables to their terminals on the Motion Controller Board component.


1. For the purposes of this guide, the Motion Controller Board will be divided into three sections

2. It is highly recommended to preview the following three sections first, to become familiar with the wiring on the board, then followed by removing the wires to replace the board.

1)    Right-side Section:

2)    Middle Section:

3)    Left-side Section:

5. After the cables on the Motion Controller Board have been identified and clearly marked, please carefully remove the cables one-by-one.

6. Use the 2.5mm hex wrench to remove the four screws used to affix the Motion Controller Board to the rectangular housing box. The four screws are indicated in the image below.

7. Swap the current Motion Controller Board with the replacement Motion Controller Board. 

It is important to carefully review the three sections of the board when reattaching the cables on the replacement Motion Controller Board component.

8. With all cables securely attached to the replacement Motion Controller Board, it is recommended to power on the printer to verify a successful component swap.


1. If there is an issue with the printer booting or printing immediately following a Motion Controller Board replacement, it is recommended to power off the printer and review the cable connections indicated within the three sections of the board in the steps outlined prior.

2. In the event an issue is not located with the wiring, please contact after-sales technical support for assistance. When opening a support ticket for this issue, it is highly recommended to include multiple, clear, well-lit photos of the current Motion Controller Board installation and wiring.

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