How to Replace the Thermocouple

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the Thermocouple - V1.0 ]


① 1.5mm hex wrench

② 2.5mm hex wrench

③ Flat head screwdriver

④ Flush cutter 

1. Lower the build plate.

1)     In the “Utilities tab”, lower the Z-Axis platform by selecting the down arrow.


2)     Lower the plate until you have enough space to comfortably maneuver tools within the area.

Note: The recommended value of Z-axis is 150-250mm.


2. Unload the filament.

1)     In the “Utilities” tab, verify that the temperature is the set as the recommended temperature for your filament. (For example, 215℃ for Raise3D PLA)


2)     Adjust the temperature if required. Press the “Unload” button to unload the filament.

3)     The printer will begin to heat up to the designated temperature. Once the temperature is reached the target temperature, select the “Unload” to unload the filament.

3. Cool down the nozzle.

1)     In the “Home” tab, select the left nozzle temperature. In the new window, set the temperature to “0℃”, and select “OK”. Repeat this step for the right nozzle.


2)     Allow the nozzle to cool down completely before continuing the next steps.


3)     When the extruders reach an ambient temperature, power off the printer.

4. Remove the cooling fan.

1)     Use a 2.5mm hex wrench to remove the two retaining screws of the cooling fan that corresponds to the thermocouple you will replace.

5. Remove the thermocouple from the hotend.

1)     Loosen the retaining screws inside the heating block, then loosen the screw on the collet to remove the hotend assembly. 

1)     Remove thermocouple cable from extruder connection board with a flat head screwdriver.


2)     Use a 2.5mm wrench to remove the two screws on the extruder connecting board.

1)     Loosen two screws that hold the wires for the thermocouple ( being replaced) with a flat head screwdriver. 


5)     Remove the two retaining screws from the wire protection and take the cover off.

6)     Cut the zip ties holding wires.

7)     Pull the thermocouple wire out from the extruder carrier.

6. Install the new thermocouple.

Insert the cables of the thermocouple through the block at the back of the extruder into the terminal and use the flat head screwdriver to reinstall the screws. Make sure that no exposed wires are in contact with the printer, otherwise it may cause injury to the printer.

7. Final step.

1)     Bind the wires together with zip ties and re-install the cord cover.

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the Thermocouple - V1.0 ]