How to Replace the X Shaft Coupler

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the X Shaft Coupler - V1.0 ]


① 1.5mm wrench 

② 2mm wrench  

③ 2.5 mm wrench

④ 3 mm wrench

⑤ Philips head screw driver

1. Unload the filament.

1)      Set both extruders to the proper unloading temperature. The recommend target temperature is typically 5-10℃ higher than its common printing temperature.

2)      Select “Unload” to begin the unloading process.

3)      After the unloading process is completed, remove the filament and the filament guide tube from the extruder.


2. Power off the printer. 


3. Remove the 8 screws on the top cover with a 2.5mm hex wrench. 

4. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws on the upper and lower edges of the plastic cover, and then disconnect the plug from the air filter fan at the same time (If you cannot unplug the fan, you need to remove it from the plastic cover).

5. Cut the ties which hold the harness at the lower side of the top cover.  

6. Lift the top cover up. 


7. Remove the screws in the shaft coupler at rear-left corner with a 1.5mm hex wrench.

8. Remove the screws that hold the X motor. 


Note: When removing the screws in step 8, hold the motor with your hands.

9. Remove the coupler and X motor from the printer. 


10. Rotate the left rod and the motor shaft until both flat surfaces are facing upwards.

11. Place the new coupler on the X motor shaft. 

Note: Rotate the coupler slightly until one of its retaining screws is on the plane of the X motor shaft.


12. Put the motor with the new coupler back to its original position. 

Note: The two screws on the coupler should always face the horizontal plane throughout the process.

13. Hold the X motor in place and pre-tighten the four screws which retain the motor on the frame. 

14. Move the coupler back and forth to see if the coupler is correctly aligned with the gantry rod and the motor shaft. If there is any resistance, move the motor around until it moves easily.

15. Keep the motor in this position, and then reinstall all the screws on the rack.

16. Make sure that the horizontal planes on the X motor shaft and the left rod are facing upwards, and the two retaining screws on the X coupler are also directly facing the horizontal plane.

Move the connector forward until it almost covers the horizontal surface of the left rod.

17. Reinstall the four screws on the X coupler. 


18. Reconnect the air filter.


19. Reinstall the top cover. 


20. Reinstall the plastic covers. 

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the X Shaft Coupler - V1.0 ]