How to Upgrade the Firmware

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Upgrade the Firmware - V1.0 ]

1.Download the latest version of the RaiseTouch software from Download Center .

1)     Save the Raise Touch Firmware file inside the root directory of the USB drive which came included with your printer purchase. 


2. Power off the printer and insert the USB drive onto one of the available ports on the side of the touchscreen. 

3. Power on the printer. The RaiseTouch Firmware will be updated automatically. 

1)     Complete this procedure before removing the drive.


4. After the update is completed, the screen will display the home page.

5. Select the “Settings” icon in the top right-hand side of the screen. Confirm that the firmware has been updated properly.

[ Manual Pro2 Series - 043 How to Upgrade the Firmware - V1.0 ]