Maintenance Guide

[ Manual Pro2 Series - Maintenance Guide - V1.0 ]

The key to consistent high-quality 3D printing results is performing regular maintenance to keep an industrial 3D printer in good condition.

Some 3D printer parts and accessories require maintenance before each print job, and others require maintenance every few hundred working hours. However, 3D printing maintenance is generally simple and not time-consuming.

Before starting any repair or maintenance work, it is extremely important to turn the printer off and let it cool down. Remember to always wear safety gloves and glasses.

The following tables demonstrate maintenance and repair guidelines for each part of the Pro2 Series high-quality 3D printer. The tables also include specific check-points, required activities, and the required frequency for each activity.







5.XY Axes


6.Z axis

[ Manual Pro2 Series - Maintenance Guide - V1.0 ]