• Ribbon Cable Replacement

[ Manual Pro2 Series - 022 Ribbon Cable Replacement-V1.0 ]


①2.5mm wrench 

②2mm wrench 

③Philips head screw driver

④Flush cutter

⑤Zip ties


⑦Small flat head screw driver

1. Power the printer off.

2. Unplug the Ribbon Cable from Extruder Controller Board. (If the connector is covered by glue, remove glue with small flathead screwdriver.)

3. Open the Cable Chain

  • Open the Cable Chain with a spatula.

  • Take the Mounting Block of the Cable Chain from the Top Cover.

  • Remove the two screws inside the Mounting Block.

4. Remove Back Cover

Use a Philips head screw driver to remove 10 screws on the back panel (Pro2 Plus has 11). Unplug the wire to the air filter and take off the back cover. Remove the four screws and release the air filter from the back cover.

5. Cut Zip Ties

  • Cut the zip ties from underneath the Top Cover to release ribbon cable.

  • Open the Back Cover of the Wiring Tube and cut the zip ties to further release ribbon cable.

6. Remove ribbon cable

  • Lay the printer down on side gently and carefully.
  • Open the cover of Electronic Box with tool.

  • Carefully remove the tape wrapping the wiring harness under the Electronic Box.

  • Unplug the ribbon cable from the Motion Controller Board and remove it from the printer

7. Install the New Cable

  • Plug the new Harness into the Motion Controller Board.
  • Pass the new cable from the bottom hole of the Electronic Box then up to the Wiring Tube. Be sure to go all the way up through the Wiring Tube, then underneath the Top Cover until it reaches the Mounting Block.
  • Wrap the cable with the wires under Electronic Box with tape.
  • Re-install Mounting Block.
  • Attach the new cable with the other cables with zip ties.
  • Hold the filter system in one hand and tighten the 4 screws with the other.
  • Face the tiny arrow on fan label upward. Take notice and be cautious of fan wire.

8. Install Back Side

  • Turn the machine upright.
  • Re-attach the Back/Side Panel and secure the cover of the Electronic box.

[ Manual Pro2 Series - 022 Ribbon Cable Replacement-V1.0 ]