5.1.6. Import Template

Import refers to importing a slice template (.bin or .date file) from your computer as Figure 5.113.

Template Name refers to the template’s name which you import, and you also can rename it by yourself.


Figure 5.113: Import Slicing Template.

If you want to import a slicing template whose printer type or filament type does not currently exist in ideaMaker, ideaMaker will ask you whether you want to create a new type or not. If yes, it can directly create a new filament or printer type for your template during importing.


Figure 5.114: Import Slicing Template.

Check No, I want to import the new printer included in the template to import its

Printer Type and Filament Type together as Figure 5.115.


Figure 5.115: Whether to import the information of printer and filament type.

Click Details button to check or edit the name and setting of the template as Figure 5.116.


Figure 5.116: Details of "Import Slicing Template".


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