5.1.6. Import Template

Option 1: Importing refers to importing a slice template (.bin or .data file) from your computer as Figure 1.

Template Name refers to the template’s name which you import, and you also can rename it by yourself.


Figure 1: Import Slicing Template – Modify template name.

Option 2: Importing a slice template (.bin or .data file) from ideaMaker Library.

Firstly, you need to visit ideaMaker Library and select the slicing profile. Then click the button add to ideaMaker and copy the link. Then paste the link in ideaMaker (as Figure 2) and click Download button to download the profile. After downloading the slicing profile, click NEXT button to import the template file.

Note: It can only work properly with ideaMaker version 3.6.0 or higher.

Figure 2: Download Slicing Template from ideaMaker Library.

If you want to import a slicing template whose printer type or filament type does not currently exist in ideaMaker, you can click New Printer to create a new type. If it already exists in ideaMaker, just choose printer type or filament type.


Figure 3: Import Slicing Template.

Click Edit button to check or edit the name and setting of the template as Figure 4.


Figure 4: Printer Details of "Import Slicing Template".