How to Replace the Nozzle

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1) Clearing rod

2) 1.5 mm hex wrench/Allen key

3) 8 mm socket tool (Torque wrench suggested)

4) Crescent wrench*

1. First, remove the silicone sock/cover from the hotend (if one is present).

Use an 8 mm socket wrench, with a *crescent wrench or Allen key, to remove the nozzle from the aluminium heating block.

Note: A crescent wrench, or something similar, is intended to securely hold the aluminum heating block while applying force engaging the nozzle component. An Allen key can also be used for this process. 


Note: To prevent damage to the filament pathway of the hotend, DO NOT exert force on the throat tube. Two methods of providing counter-rotation resistance in securing the aluminium heating block, while engaging a nozzle, are shown below:

2. With the nozzle removed, insert a clearing rod through the hotend to ensure that the pathway is completely clear of blockages.

3. Install the new nozzle into the heating block. Do not tighten it completely. Ensure that there is a visible gap between the nozzle and the heating block.

If screwing in the nozzle on the hotend assembly eliminates a gap spacing, the following steps will reintroduce the necessary gap spacing and prepare the hotend assembly in an expected configuration for successful installation.

Slightly unscrew the nozzle until 2x a small gap spacing is introduced. By hand, carefully tighten the complete throat tube component (with the heatsink) into the aluminium heater block until resistance is met.

4. Using a socket tool/torque wrench, engage the nozzle. Secure the aluminium heating block using a crescent wrench and final tighten the nozzle with 2.6 N⋅m of force.

Note: It is recommended to use a torque wrench to apply 2.6 N⋅m of force to secure the nozzle, inside the aluminium heater block, tightly against the throat tube component screwed into the threaded pathway (in the opposite opening of the aluminium heater block).

Verify that a small gap spacing remains present between the shoulder of the nozzle and the aluminium heater block.

If necessary, reposition the angle of the heatsink on the throat tube by loosening the set/grub screw, using the 1.5 mm Allen key, to allow for rotation. Be sure to lightly retighten the set/grub screw for securing the heatsink block.

If necessary, it may be helpful to allow the heatsink block to rest on top of the optional silicone sock/cover to assist with securing the sock/cover to the aluminium heating block.

5. If you do not have a silicone sock/cover, adjust the heatsink so that it is flush with the bottom of the larger cylinder of the throat tube component.

Note: The heatsink should not make direct contact with the aluminium heating block.

6. To install the hotend assembly onto the shifting assembly, please refer to Pro2-How to Replace the Hotend.