How to Replace the Hotend

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the Hotend - V1.0 ]

1. Lower the build plate.

1)     In the “Utilities” tab, lower the Z-Axis by selecting the Move Steps and selecting the down arrow, until you have enough space to comfortably maneuver tools within the area (5-12 mm).

2. Unload the filaments.

1)     Set both extruders to the proper unloading temperature. The recommend target temperature is typically 5-10℃ higher than its common printing temperature.

2)     Select “Unload” to begin the unloading process.

3)     After the unloading process is completed, remove the filament and the filament guide tube from the extruder.

3. Cool down the nozzle.

1)     In the “Home” tab, and select the nozzle temperature. In the new window, set the temperature to 0℃, and select “OK”.

1)     Wait for the nozzles to cool down completely before continuing.


2)     When the extruders reach an ambient temperature, power off the printer.

4. Remove the two screws on the cooling fan with a 2.5mm hex wrench.

5. Remove the 4 set screws with a 1.5mm hex wrench inside the heating block. The hotend can be removed in the next step.

1)     Remove the retaining screw to remove the hotend from the printer.


2)     Remove the heating rod and thermocouple wires from the heating block to fully remove the hotend.

6. Inspect and replace the hotend.

1)     To completely replace the hotend, verify that the new hotend is properly adjusted.


2)     The bottom of the radiator should be flush with the bottom of the large cylinder.

3) If the radiator is not placed correctly, please refer to Pro2-How to replace the nozzle for more instructions.

7. Wiring.

1)     Insert the heating rod (red wire) into the bottom hole of the heating block. Insert it until it comes out of the other end of the heating block, and then fix it in place with two retaining screws.


2)     Insert the silver thermocouple into the upper hole on the heating block.


3)     Secure it in place with the two retaining screws.

8. Install the hotend.

1) Insert the hotend and push it completely into the extruder. The radiator should touch the collar of the tube.


2)     Install the retaining screws to fix it.


Note: If you want to replace multiple hot ends, repeat steps 4-8 before carrying out the offset calibration.

9. Follow the procedures in the Pro2 - How to Calibrate the Nozzle Offsets to calibrate the nozzle offset.

 Follow the procedures in the Pro2 - How to Calibrate the Nozzle Height to verify that the height of the two nozzles are properly aligned.

[ Manual Pro2 Series - How to Replace the Hotend - V1.0 ]