How to Print with Duplication Mode or Mirror Mode

1.If you want to print with Duplication Mode or Mirror Mode, please make sure your ideaMaker version is 3.5.1 and above first.

You can check your ideaMaker version at the top left corner of the window after you opened ideaMaker.

Note: If you want to upgrade or download ideaMaker, please visit our website: https://www.raise3d.com/download/.

2.Import the model that needs to be printed.

3.Select the “Start” icon in the left bar, select “Duplication” or “Mirror” in the “Print Mode” drop-down menu, ideaMaker will automatically generate the model.

You can adjust the original model position and the other model will change position accordingly.

Note: You need to select “RAISE3D E2” in the first “Printer” submenu.

4.After slicing, it's ready to print in Duplication Mode and Mirror Mode.

Note: The E2 printer is factory set up to able to work in both Duplication Mode and Mirror Mode, but if you have replaced any of the printer’s parts,

it is important that you verify that the following printing requirements are met first:

Bed level should have a flatness under 0.25 mm and two nozzles should be within 0.15mm height difference.

If your printer does not meet these requirements follow the appropriate guides to correct this:

[Manual E2 – How to Level the Bed – V1.0] [Manual E2 - How to Adjust the Height of Left and Right Nozzle – V1.0].

5.For more information, please read our guide: [Manual E2 - How to Achieve Duplication Mode and Mirror Mode Printing – V1.0]

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