Advanced Preventive Maintenance

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Regular printer maintenance is the key to maintaining consistently high-quality 3D printing results and keeping your 3D printer in good condition.

Perform advanced preventive maintenance on the basis of the basic preventive maintenance to further maintain the long-term and stable use of your printer. Refer to Basic Preventive Maintenance for basic maintenance.

The table below also includes specific checkpoints, repair steps, and related resources.


Before starting any repair or maintenance work, make sure that:

1) The printing task is complete.
2) The filaments have been unloaded from the printer.
3) The printer is off and the extruders, nozzles and build plate are at room temperature.
3) Always wear protective glasses and safety gloves.


1.Build Plate

Resource: How to Clean the Build Plate.

2.Interchangeable Hotend

Resource: How to Install and Disassemble the Interchangeable Hot End.


Resource: How to Remove the Jam.

4.X/Y axis

Resource: How to Lubricate the Axes.


After every 400 hours of printing:

To ensure the printer is running properly, some parts require further inspection after 400 hours of printing.

1. Nozzle

2. X/Y axis



Resource: How to Remove the Jam.


After the printer prints for more than 800 hours:

For the printer to operate for a longer time, the following maintenance needs to be added on the basis of the basic maintenance when the printer prints for more than 800 hours:

1. Interchangeable Hotend

2.Filament Run-out Sensor

Resource: How to Replace the Filament Run-out Sensor Assembly

3.Air Flow Manager


How to Replace the Air Filter

How to Replace the Air Filter Fan

How to Replace the Cooling Fan

The above maintenance regulations are a reference for performing printer maintenance. If performing maintenance does not resolve the problem, contact Raise3D after-sales support.

 Please download the PDF for additional maintenance resources.

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